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1. Name

The name of the group shall be the ‘Digital Radiology User Group’.

2. Scope

The scope of the group shall be inclusive of all digital radiology technologies, including but not limited to general radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography and dental radiography.

3. Aims

The group exists to enable interested parties to discuss new developments, share expertise, discuss problems, advance knowledge and to facilitate collaboration in the field of digital radiology.

4. Officers

The group shall have a chair (or two co-chairs), a secretary and a webmaster as officers.  The chair and secretary shall serve for two years and may not serve for more than 4 consecutive years in the same post.  The secretary shall be responsible for providing annual accounts.

5. Meetings

The group shall hold an annual scientific meeting; proffered abstracts should be invited and a programme devised by the chair.  Physicists, technical staff, radiographers, radiologists and other professionals with an interest in digital radiology are free to attend.  Representatives of equipment manufacturers may only attend by invitation.

6. Expenditure

Incidental expenses shall be approved only by unanimous approval of the officers of the group.

7. Website

The webmaster will maintain a website on which the proceedings of the scientific meeting are to be made available and to facilitate discussion between members of the community.  The website is free to join as long as the member states their profession and employer when doing so.  Representatives of manufacturers are not permitted to join the website.

8. Alterations to the constitution

The constitution may be altered by a two-thirds majority of those present at the business meeting of the group.  The quorum for the business meeting shall be 20 delegates.  Notice of proposed changes to the constitution must be given to the chair at least one month before a meeting.


End of Constitution